Learning The Ways

This is what my next 2 weeks are going to consist of. Training. Based up in Daventry, a large group of future Ford technicians have to attend the official Ford College. Luckily this is my last block up here, which also means its a final panic to get all the paperwork and tests complete. Looks like this will be my view for a while.

20130521-115623 AM.jpg


A spot of inspiration

So yesterday saw the annual Fiesta In The Park show. Although the name, don’t get confused, nowadays all Fords are welcome. Sadly I haven’t got many photos on my SLR of the show but any good ones il upload once I get them up on the computer.
Here are a few pictures I got on my phone, having given me plenty of inspiration after finally seeing another fiesta with a fully retrimmed interior just how I want mine.20130513-091713 PM.jpg20130513-091813 PM.jpg


SWJCC Multi-Meet Poole

As I previously mentioned in a post, Saturday night saw the all famous SWJCC Multi-Meet. Here’s a video someone else has uploaded to give you a taster of the sheer volume of cars that turned up for the event.

The Car Life

This weekend just gone was a manic one. With a car meet Saturday night, I couldn’t take my car sadly but instead hitched a ride with a friend and used the opportunity to get some video footage (which will be up as soon as I can edit it, bit awkward one handed). The meet was hectic, with hundreds of cars and even more people travelling down to Poole. This was followed by Simply Ford show at a local Motor Museum. Luckily Dad offered to drive my car to the show. Below are a few photos I got, enjoy!

Life Lesson

So the other day I learnt a great life lesson that will stay with me forever, don’t play with fire. The pain? Excruciating.
This has now affected me in many ways, with work, my social life, my ‘looks’ (scarring) and so on.
My advice? Don’t play.

20130506-073442 AM.jpg

Put To Use

So I’ve had this blog for a while and the way I see it I should put it to good use. I’ve been trying to figure out what I should be posting on here. I suppose it will be mainly day-to-day mobile shots, documenting what I get up to, maybe including some of my photography.

Anywho, enjoy I suppose and feel free to get in touch.

– Adam