A New Chapter

Before Christmas, I owned a VERY well looked after Limited Edition Fiesta Zetec S (probably not your cup of tea). This was my first ‘expensive’ car (now aged 24). I was the second owner from new, owned it 5 years and I had covered 50,000 miles in my ownership. Sold it without a single fault, not even a niggly little one, didn’t lose or use any oil or coolant, really was spot on…



Anyway, I put the car back to standard, or close enough and started looking for a Discovery. So the search began, I didn’t really have the funds yet to buy one but started looking. Done plenty of research before hand and figured I wanted a D2, I cant weld (D1 out the window) and I wanted the mod cons such as air con, working central locking (probably not for long though), cruise control etc. Also discovered the later 15P engined facelifts were a little bit less troublesome, now, manual or auto? Drove an auto and straight away wanted a manual, I just couldn’t bring myself to drive an auto, no offence to any auto owners! Sadly I’ve managed to buy a manual with a pretty poo gearbox but I can always fix that down the line, oh did I forget to mention I’m a Ford technician.

So started browsing, and fancied a Grey D2.. had always wanted a metallic grey car and within a very short period of time I found one relatively cheap for the age/mileage/spec on AutoTrader. The truck was a 2004 model and had only covered 90,000 miles with full service history. A quick phone call and I had arranged a viewing for the coming weekend. Drove the girlfriends car up so I didn’t feel pressured into anything and was pleasantly surprised. Very little rust (although last minute I had found a very small patch on one of the sills) which I managed to knock some money off for. Few marks on the body, but wanted rid of the Fiesta as I cared too much about the paintwork (used to go shopping and drive around the car park till I found an end spot to avoid car park dings!) only real downside was I didn’t trust the trader who was selling it and there was no receipts with the truck. So he left me a photocopy of the V5 and I went away and done a HPI check. ALL CLEAR! :surprised: Also discovered the original owner, fitted a private plate, which he then took off in 2012 before it was sold to the next owner, who was local to me in Poole. It was then sold to the 3rd owner who lived in Kent. Now, I still had my suspicions about the trader (had been contacted from 4 separate mobile numbers throughout the communication process) so I done a bit of digging into who the previous owner was (his name being on the V5). Turned out he owned a grounds maintenance company in Kent and I had found his number, long story short, the car was legit, although he was under the influence it was going to export (this may have been for tax reasons as it was signed and sold through 2 separate company names; Lanka Car Sales and Lanka car Exports) and there should have been a wad of history, but it had been well looked after and he ran me through everything he had done to it (he was previously a Landrover technician). Either way, the trader had lost the paperwork and I had questioned him about it, and the exporting side of things. With my mind at rest, I part exchanged my precious Fiesta and handed over a wad of money and I head off home in my new purchase.


As you can see, it came with a HD front bumper and a few LED’s added here and there (front sidelights and fogs, although these are no brighter than sidelights!!). Also came on some larger General Grabber A/T tyres (265/70/16) which was handy! After talking to the previous owner I also found out it had the EGR blanked and a stage one map carried out, although compared to what I normally drive the Discovery’s are still really slow!

Turned out the truck was previously a 7 seater, but previous owner had converted it to 5 to make more room in the back for his tools, may I add he done a shocking job as half the trims are cracked and all sorts! Truck got me home no worries, had noticed an axle oil leak and of course, engine oil leaks. Turned out the offside front wheel bearing had gone and taken the driveshaft seal with it too. After doing some research, I got a new seal with 2 year warranty for £7 (eBay Link). Spoke to a friend who had regularly replaced wheel bearings on his Range Rover Classic and asked for an uprated recommendation, he suggested Timken bearings if they made them for the D2. After a few emails I managed to find a supplier in Swansea who was willing to post and even added a discount, also turned out the hubs came fitted with a Wabco ABS sensor (OE equipment), part number for this hub is TAY10006. Whilst I was at it, I also ordered some brass diff bungs (BR3485B) and seals (ERR4685) to replace the plastic bungs (which I was going to have to remove to fill the axle oil) and grabbed a replacement driveshaft nut (CDU1534L) (these should always be replaced after removal), all produced by Bearmach. All this came to a total of £237.


Anyway, that will do for now, more to follow shortly.


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