A week in the life of…

So I set myself a challenge recently, to get out and use my camera more. Ideally not using cars for the subject for a change. After my camera being so heavily involved in my life earlier on, I felt I had abandoned it, so pulled it out of the cupboard and blew the dust of it!

This was the result;

This is my best friend, we see each other regularly and this evening she took great interest in one of my books, ‘A day in the world’.


These few items sit in my window sill above my bed. Agwa is my favourite shot, it contains Coca leaf.



Just about to go to bed, aching due to a hard day at work physically. I use my phone as an alarm clock in the mornings, even though most of the time I’m awake before the alarm goes off.


This was at around 6.45 in the morning, I had just woken up and I sleep with my window open at the moment due to the warm weather. You can see where the grass has died off due to the dry weather. The fog was amazing this morning.



I love cats, having 3 of my own. If i ever see one I have to attempt to stroke it.



This photo was taken at sunset, after going for a walk with my best friend. I liked the fact you could see the major building works going on in the background of a potentially very scenic place.


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