Parts Are Gathering!

With work being so manic at the moment the most I can do is sit on eBay ordering parts and searching through forums every night. Although looking at my last update, the carpet is now out, as photos show, theres only rust in the places I already knew of, thankfully. I plan on digging the sound deadening off just to check it had held onto trapped water and rotted it out under it. Replacement body sections should be arranged on Sunday, thanks to Mike, he has a E30 breaking currently and the shell is relatively rot free so with use of a plasma cutter, I should have a nice pile of panels to down to the welder.

As you can see here, theres a rather large hole in the drivers footwell. This is caused by the outer wing (down by the sill) rotting out and spreading to that corner of the floor pan. This has then caused the inner sill to start rotting away too, which probably wasn’t helped by the hole in the bulkhead either. This will all be cut out and replaced, whilst cut out I’ll treat for rust as well as seal everything again.

The rest of the drivers foot well looks ok, main reason I want to get the sound deadening up is true to the fact that the factory fitted stuff has air gaps between the adhesive, which allows water to get trapped and often ruin the floor pans, as you can see in the first picture theres a crack in the sound deadening, I’m a bit worried this may be hiding something.

This is one of the not-so-important things that popped up cheap, shouldn’t have brought it really but hey ho you only live once eh. Wont be fitted for a long while yet but the quality of it looks good!

More bits and pieces should be arriving tomorrow hopefully with some luck.


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