I haven’t been very good at keeping the blog up to date, sorry guys. Things have been pretty crazy for me recently job wise. Been digging for rust more on the E30, found more up behind the bulkhead annoyingly and parts of the floor pan but have no fear! A friend is breaking a rot free saloon and has agree’d to chop bits off here and there cheap for me, hero!

So started pulling the carpets out and eventually will pull the dash out too, annoyingly the carpets are one full section so its rather hard to get out and as I’m going getting a chance to touch it for like 20 minutes a time nothings really happening very quickly. Also trying to avoid the other approach, get angry and rip/break/burn/cut it out as I’m wanting to put everything back in how it came out ha.

On a different note, Performance BMW magazine are willing to cover the build under their ‘PBMW Fleet’ section so cant wait for that! Keep an eye out in the September issue!

Thats all for now!


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