Another Door Opening

So for those that dont already know, I have a second ‘project’ car. A ’89 BMW 320SE (E30) Saloon. Now before I hear “drift slag”, please shut up.
So its a saloon? Who wants one of them? Well to be honest, the main reason I decided to buy it was because it was cheap. I’ve always wanted a E30 and having one crop up so cheap was perfect, plus it was already being stored in my garage after a friend bought it and realised he had no space.
The plan with it? Budget restoration short term, long term, who knows, engine swap maybe? But body work is first. Having sourced a load of replacement panels already, the car should hopefully be going in for welding the new panels on next week, hopefully.
Now bearing in mind, the car is taxed and MOT’d at the moment, but its done 175,000 Miles and areas of the body work are needing some work, so rather than drift the hell out of it like most people, I’m going to tidy it up and go from there. I must say too, its horrible to drive compared to cars I’m used to!
Below are various photos of the car itself and some of the areas requiring work, bearing in mind the rot is in all the common places for all E30’s. Enjoy and try not to cringe too much.

No rust here though which is a good sign!


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