A New Chapter

Before Christmas, I owned a VERY well looked after Limited Edition Fiesta Zetec S (probably not your cup of tea). This was my first ‘expensive’ car (now aged 24). I was the second owner from new, owned it 5 years and I had covered 50,000 miles in my ownership. Sold it without a single fault, not even a niggly little one, didn’t lose or use any oil or coolant, really was spot on…





Show Seasons Over

Well 2013 Show Season has come to an end for me. Ford Fair, Trax, various large meets, Fast Show, Jap Show etc.

That doesn’t mean thats the end for everyones car, no not at all. With winter coming, people will be tucking their cars away and working on them, preparing for next years shows. I look forward to seeing everyones prides and joys.

A week in the life of…

So I set myself a challenge recently, to get out and use my camera more. Ideally not using cars for the subject for a change. After my camera being so heavily involved in my life earlier on, I felt I had abandoned it, so pulled it out of the cupboard and blew the dust of it!

This was the result;

This is my best friend, we see each other regularly and this evening she took great interest in one of my books, ‘A day in the world’.


Parts Are Gathering!

With work being so manic at the moment the most I can do is sit on eBay ordering parts and searching through forums every night. Although looking at my last update, the carpet is now out, as photos show, theres only rust in the places I already knew of, thankfully. I plan on digging the sound deadening off just to check it had held onto trapped water and rotted it out under it. Replacement body sections should be arranged on Sunday, thanks to Mike, he has a E30 breaking currently and the shell is relatively rot free so with use of a plasma cutter, I should have a nice pile of panels to down to the welder.

As you can see here, theres a rather large hole in the drivers footwell. This is caused by the outer wing (down by the sill) rotting out and spreading to that corner of the floor pan. This has then caused the inner sill to start rotting away too, which probably wasn’t helped by the hole in the bulkhead either. This will all be cut out and replaced, whilst cut out I’ll treat for rust as well as seal everything again.



I haven’t been very good at keeping the blog up to date, sorry guys. Things have been pretty crazy for me recently job wise. Been digging for rust more on the E30, found more up behind the bulkhead annoyingly and parts of the floor pan but have no fear! A friend is breaking a rot free saloon and has agree’d to chop bits off here and there cheap for me, hero!

So started pulling the carpets out and eventually will pull the dash out too, annoyingly the carpets are one full section so its rather hard to get out and as I’m going getting a chance to touch it for like 20 minutes a time nothings really happening very quickly. Also trying to avoid the other approach, get angry and rip/break/burn/cut it out as I’m wanting to put everything back in how it came out ha.

On a different note, Performance BMW magazine are willing to cover the build under their ‘PBMW Fleet’ section so cant wait for that! Keep an eye out in the September issue!

Thats all for now!

Another Door Opening

So for those that dont already know, I have a second ‘project’ car. A ’89 BMW 320SE (E30) Saloon. Now before I hear “drift slag”, please shut up.
So its a saloon? Who wants one of them? Well to be honest, the main reason I decided to buy it was because it was cheap. I’ve always wanted a E30 and having one crop up so cheap was perfect, plus it was already being stored in my garage after a friend bought it and realised he had no space.
The plan with it? Budget restoration short term, long term, who knows, engine swap maybe? But body work is first. Having sourced a load of replacement panels already, the car should hopefully be going in for welding the new panels on next week, hopefully.
Now bearing in mind, the car is taxed and MOT’d at the moment, but its done 175,000 Miles and areas of the body work are needing some work, so rather than drift the hell out of it like most people, I’m going to tidy it up and go from there. I must say too, its horrible to drive compared to cars I’m used to!
Below are various photos of the car itself and some of the areas requiring work, bearing in mind the rot is in all the common places for all E30’s. Enjoy and try not to cringe too much.


A Typical Weekend

My weekends tend to consist of one main thing, cars. Im sure you’ll soon realise this going through my blog.

This weekend just passed was no different, with a trip down to a friends unit, out of the rain, we cracked on tinkering with both our cars. I had my camera to hand so decided to get a few snaps and have a play with some black and white. Enjoy.